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Restore Teeth Affected by Cavities and Decay

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When it comes to addressing cavities and decay, composite tooth fillings are a revolutionary solution offered by Dr. Gordon Wilson at TLC4Gums in Phoenix, AZ. These fillings play a crucial role in restoring the health and functionality of your teeth. Discover why patients in Phoenix, AZ, trust Dr. Wilson with their oral health and smiles. 

What Are Composite Tooth Fillings?

Composite tooth fillings, also known as tooth-colored fillings, repair teeth affected by decay, cracks, or fractures. These dental fillings create a natural appearance of a filled tooth that seamlessly blends with your existing teeth.

Benefits of Composite Tooth Fillings

Discover the numerous advantages of choosing tooth-colored fillings:

Aesthetically Pleasing

Girl smiling with perfect smile and white teethOne of the key benefits of dental fillings is their ability to match the color of your teeth perfectly. This aesthetic advantage makes them virtually invisible, ensuring your smile remains natural and beautiful.

Preservation of Tooth Structure

Compared to traditional dental amalgam and fillings, composite fillings require less removal of healthy tooth structure during placement. This preservation is essential for the long-term health of your teeth.


With proper care and maintenance, composite fillings can last for many years, providing a reliable solution for your dental needs. Attending routine dental cleanings and exams is one way to care for your teeth restorations. 

No Mercury

Composite filling materials don’t contain mercury, addressing concerns associated with amalgam fillings. This makes them a safer and more environmentally friendly choice.

Quick and Easy Procedure

The procedure for placing composite fillings is typically quicker and less invasive than other options, allowing you to return to your daily routine with minimal disruption and no tooth decay.

Candidacy for Composite Tooth Fillings

Tooth Extraction Phoenix AZAre composite tooth fillings suitable for your oral health needs? Dr. Wilson at TLC4Gums can help determine your candidacy based on your situation. In most cases, tooth-colored fillings are an excellent choice for:

  • Addressing cavities and decay.
  • Repairing cracked or chipped teeth.
  • Enhancing the appearance of your smile.
  • Replacing old or damaged fillings.
  • Providing a safe and reliable dental restoration option.

How Do Composite Tooth Fillings Work?

Consultation and Diagnosis

The process of getting composite tooth fillings involves several steps. First, Dr. Wilson conducts a thorough diagnosis. He assesses your dental condition and determines the need for composite resin fillings through a comprehensive examination and X-rays.


Once the diagnosis is complete, the affected tooth is prepared for the filling procedure. This involves removing the decayed or damaged portion of the tooth, ensuring a clean slate for the restoration.


To create a strong connection between the filling material and your natural tooth, your dentist will apply a bonding agent. This step is crucial in ensuring the longevity and effectiveness of the tooth filling.


The composite resin material used for the filling is applied in multiple layers. After each layer, a special light cures and hardens the material. This layering process ensures a durable and long-lasting filling.


Dr. Wilson skillfully sculpts the dental filling materials to match the natural contours of your tooth. This step ensures that the filling not only restores your tooth’s functionality but also blends seamlessly with your smile.


The final step involves polishing the filling to perfection. This gives the filling a smooth and natural appearance, making it virtually indistinguishable from your surrounding teeth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does dental insurance cover the cost of dental fillings?

Many dental insurance plans cover the cost of dental fillings, but it’s wise to check with your provider for details and coverage. Dental filling costs depend on the materials, number of fillings, and more. 

How long do dental fillings last?

With proper care and oral hygiene, dental fillings can last for many years, typically seven to 10 years or more. Ask your dentist for more tips on maintaining your tooth fillings between visits. 

Does receiving composite dental fillings hurt?

No, the process of receiving tooth-colored fillings doesn’t hurt. Your dentist and dental team ensure your comfort during the cavity-filling procedure by using local anesthesia. You may experience minor discomfort afterward, but it subsides quickly.

What’s the best age for composite dental fillings?

Composite dental fillings are suitable for individuals of all ages, from children to adults. They offer a safe and effective solution for restoring decayed and damaged teeth. Visit your dentist regularly to prevent further tooth decay.

Fix Your Smile and Enhance Your Oral Health

When it comes to restoring teeth affected by cavities and decay, composite tooth fillings in Phoenix, AZ, with Dr. Wilson at TLC4Gums are your go-to solution. A dental filling offers several benefits, including aesthetics, durability, and safety. Dr. Wilson’s experience and our commitment to your well-being ensure your smile remains healthy and beautiful thanks to a newly filled tooth. 

Say goodbye to tooth decay! Schedule a consultation today by calling 480-661-4867. We welcome new and existing patients from Tempe, Scottsdale, and Central City, AZ.

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