All About Extractions

Posted on October 31, 2018

When all else fails with your damaged, decayed, or weakened teeth, sometimes we have to resort to drastic measures: an extraction. At TLC 4 Gums, we try to save your teeth where possible, but sometimes there are cases where the safest and healthiest thing to do for you and your teeth is by extracting the affected tooth to stop the problem from spreading and posing a risk.

There are many reasons why an extraction is needed:

·      Removing wisdom teeth when they cause problems

·      Baby teeth that aren’t falling out when they should

·      Decayed, damaged, or weak teeth that cannot be saved through other means

Since extractions will remove the affected tooth in question, pain relief is essentially immediate as the ‘root’ cause of the pain is physically eliminated!

Some patients may feel that an extraction is unnecessary or are afraid to undergo it. However, a single damaged tooth can spread to other teeth if it’s not taken care of as soon as possible. Where infection is the cause, it can cause other teeth to become decayed or damaged. If it’s not dealt with soon, you might be seeing multiple tooth extractions rather than just one!

When a tooth is extracted, Dr Wilson will discuss options for what comes next, such as a dental implant.  This is a type of socket that can accommodate a replacement tooth where the removed tooth used to be, allowing for full dental function to be restored when possible.  Another option is a dental bridge to “bridge the gap” so to speak.

It goes without saying that just because teeth can be removed and replaced doesn’t mean you don’t need to worry about dental care anymore. Extractions are still serious and maintaining dental hygiene is crucial to protecting teeth and staying out of the dentist’s office as much as possible.

At TLC 4 Gums, Dr Gordon Wilson provides dental extractions as well as general dentistry services, helping you prevent issues from getting worse and offering comprehensive dental care. Contact us to book an appointment today at (480) 630-4655.