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Keep Your Smile Safe from Further Harm with Tooth Extraction

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There Are More Than 20 Million Teeth Extracted Per Year

We strive to save damaged, decayed or weakened teeth when possible, however a tooth extraction may be recommended for a number of reasons. Whether the tooth is causing pain, or is putting your overall health at risk, extraction may be necessary for:

  • Baby teeth that do not fall out
  • Impacted wisdom teeth
  • Irreparably damaged or decayed teeth

The relief patients feel following a tooth extraction is almost immediate. The extraction stops the pain directly at the source and keeps your mouth protected from further infection so remaining teeth are not put at risk.

Save Your Smile from More Serious Conditions

Extraction offers a number of different benefits to a patient when necessary, but because the benefits of keeping a natural tooth are even greater, Dr. Gordon Wilson will always try to save your tooth before resorting to this option. In cases where a tooth cannot be saved, the tooth is typically extracted to prevent a more serious condition from developing, such as:

  • Spread of infection to other areas of the mouth and body
  • Weakening of the mouth’s support structures
  • Further tooth loss

Prepare for Tooth Replacement – Socket Preservation for Dental Implants

In the event that Dr. Wilson does extract a tooth, he may discuss socket preservation with you as an option following treatment. Socket preservation helps maintain healthy bone levels following extraction, which would otherwise start to diminish. This is especially important for patients planning on replacing the extracted tooth with a dental implant.

Socket Preservation
Tooth Extractions Phoenix AZ

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