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Meet Dr. Gordon Wilson

Dr. Wilson was born in Santa Monica, California but moved to a small town in Western Nebraska before his first birthday. He grew up on a farm, where he developed his strong work ethic. He attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where he was a varsity member of the Cornhusker’s football team. He was also a patient administration specialist in the United States Army Reserve branch of the 82nd field hospital. After Iraq invaded Kuwait in August of 1990, Dr. Wilson volunteered for active duty and was stationed with the 42nd field hospital on the Island Emirate of Bahrain. During the first Gulf War, he was placed in charge of the hospital’s quality assurance, medical evacuations, and triage.

Arizona Periodontal Laser Institute

Upon returning from the Gulf War Theatre, he attended the University of Nebraska Medical Center’s College of Dentistry. As an undergraduate dental student, he participated in a table clinic competition where he presented the six published preparation designs for porcelain laminate veneers, and he introduced a seventh preparation design. He was the very first dental student in the medical center’s history to be allowed to provide porcelain laminate veneers for a patient. Dr. Wilson moved to the Valley of the Sun in 1995, where he has dedicated his professional career to providing patients with the absolute best that dentistry has to offer. He is continually upgrading himself with the latest techniques in state-of-the-art, personalized, and comfortable dental care. Dr. Wilson is also the founder of the Arizona Periodontal Laser Institute, where he trains other dentists and hygienists on the use of lasers and non-surgical methods of treating gum disease. He is an Arizona licensed general dentist who is highly skilled in all disciplines of dental care including cosmetic dentistry, oral surgery, root canal therapy, dentures, implants, crowns, bridges, and preventive dentistry. Dr. Wilson has been featured on Good Morning Arizona, Good Evening Arizona, The Wellness Hour, ABC15, FOX10, The Arizona Republic, and Today’s Arizona Woman. He has been recognized locally, nationally and internationally for his excellence in dentistry.

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