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Bone Regeneration

TLC Results Phoenix AZ

This is my favorite case of them all. This 54 year old male patient was told by his dentist that he would need to have a minimum of 6 teeth extracted, including this one in the front of his mouth. Over the course of 15 months, we were able to save all of his teeth except for one. (We elected to extract his back molar on the upper right… not because we couldn’t save it, but because he was already missing his back molar on the lower right. There was no point in trying to save it since there was no tooth opposing it.)
Back to the front tooth with bone loss way past the apex of the root… This tooth was so loose that he could have easily pulled it out with his fingers. I didn’t think that I would be able to save it. We treated him with the TLC© protocols, and nine months later, most of the bone had regenerated. I performed root canal therapy on him, and at 15 months into the treatment took another x-ray. To this day, he continues to get bone regeneration around this and his other teeth.

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