What Is a Dental Consultation Like?

Posted on December 13, 2018

No matter your reasons for seeing a dentist, an important first step to addressing your concerns is a consultation. Regardless of whether it’s for bleeding gums, a full mouth reconstruction, or a crack in your tooth; a consultation helps determine how to plan and sequence your future dental care. Let’s explore what that means for you and how it works!

At Dr. Gordon Wilson’s practice, we believe in patients first. To ensure the patient is as comfortable as possible, the consultation is free and can last for an hour or more. A good dentist is one that listens to you, which is exactly what Dr. Wilson does! Through understanding about what ails you and your teeth, Dr. Wilson is able to help you understand the cause of your oral health problems, the different options available to you and the best course of action to take to alleviate your oral health problems.

Every patient is different, which is why Dr. Wilson will draw up an individual dental health care plan that is tailored for each patient based on their needs, desired health outcomes, and circumstances. After all, it’s no good giving root canals to people who don’t need it! By educating patients with their oral health from the very first interaction with the dentist, patients feel involved with the process and are more invested in the health of their teeth. A consultation helps patients understand that Dr. Wilson has their best interests at heart.

Dr. Wilson is an Arizona licensed general dentist who is highly skilled in all disciplines of dental care including cosmetic dentistry, oral surgery, root canal therapy, dentures, implants, crowns, bridges, and preventive dentistry. Dr. Wilson has been featured on Good Morning Arizona, Good Evening Arizona, The Wellness Hour, ABC15, FOX10, The Arizona Republic, and Today’s Arizona Woman. He has been recognized locally, nationally and internationally for his excellence in dentistry.

To learn more, book a free consultation with Dr. Wilson at TLC 4 Gums by calling (480) 630-4655.