What Is a Root Canal, Really?

Posted on October 16, 2018

Root Canals: What Are They?

A common saying is that something is ‘as fun as a root canal’. We immediately recoil as we imagine someone making holes in our teeth with power tools. But is that really what it’s like? What do you really know about root canals? Let’s go into some more detail about this important procedure.

More than 15 million root canal procedures are performed each year on people with an infected or decaying teeth. When this decay takes hold, it spreads everywhere in your tooth, including the pulp, the nerves, and even the bone and surrounding teeth if you’re not careful.

If you experience:

·      Pain when biting or chewing

·      Darkening of the tooth compared to the surrounding teeth

·      Sensitivity from hot or cold

·      Fractures in the tooth

It may very well be due to an infected tooth. The last thing anyone would want is a tooth extraction, so if these signs are caught early on, Dr. Wilson is able to perform root canal therapy, keeping the tooth firmly ‘rooted’ in your mouth!

Root canal therapy consists of administering local anesthesia to the mouth, opening the top of your tooth, and then carefully cleaning out any sign of infected pulp from the tooth. This then reveals a gap that needs to be filled. Later, a filling compound, such as a special resin type, is used to fill the space. This filling compound will harden once applied, restoring the integrity of the tooth. Dr. Wilson can then place a crown on top, restoring function and saving your tooth from extraction.

Root canals may seem scary and sound painful, but they are an essential procedure for many patients who are able to catch dental problems before they become complications. Indeed, the pain from a root canal is nothing compared to the pain an infected tooth can cause without any intervention.

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