What Is Composite Filling?

Posted on September 25, 2018

If you want to take the next step in optimising your smile, a cosmetic dental procedure might be the right way to go. But which procedure is best? This week, we’ll take a look at composites.

Fillingis a dental procedure that can often be completed in one visit. If your teeth are chipped or there are gaps that you feel are detracting from your smile, composite bonding may be your best bet. Composite filling works by using composite resin, which hardens after light exposure. Your dentist will locate the chipped or gap tooth and apply a chemical that enables the resin to stick to the tooth. Afterwards, the resin is applied and refined until it is consistent in both smoothness and colour with the rest of your teeth. Composite filling can restore and hide any gaps or chips with ease.

The resin used is durable but not as strong as natural teeth, so it’s recommended to be careful when biting or chewing on hard food. Try not to bite your fingernails or anything that could potentially chip the bonded resin. To maintain the bond, regular brushing, flossing, and regular dental checkups are all you need.

Composite filling is an alternative to veneers for those who do not want to have their enamel removed or prefer a non-permanent solution. Come visit us at TLC4Gums to learn more about our cosmetic dental procedures and find out which treatment is the best for your smile.